New essay: Die informierte Einwilligung: Ein Datenschutzphantom [Informed consent: a phantom in data protection]

Together with my colleague Benjamin Bergemann, I wrote an essay on the ambivalence of the notion of “informed consent” in data protection. On the one hand we regard the informed consent as means of self-determination and autonomy protecting our right to data protection and privacy. On the other hand, the informed consent provides for the functioning of the data driven Internet economy, risking to deprive us of our right to data protection and privacy.

Hofmann, Jeanette, Bergemann, Benjamin, Die informierte Einwilligung: Ein Datenschutzphantom, Spektrum der Wissenschaft Kompakt, “Der Digitale Mensch”, 50 – 59. [unfortunately there is only a German version]

Dr. Jeanette Hofmann
Jeanette Hofmann: political scientist, interested in the Internet, intellectual property, regulation of and through technology.

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